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Suiting Fabric

Trust, Excellence, Quality, these are some of the abiding values that have been associated with Rughani Brothers over the year’s. We have the distinction of being one of the leading producers of Suiting Fabrics.

We produce end to end fabric solutions right from Manufacturing Fiber dyed, TR, PV, Polywool and all wool suiting fabrics to creating Suits, Trousers and Apparels.

Our Consistent focus on cutting edge research and technology has resulted in pioneering new products which have set new Bench marks in the Suiting Industry in India.

Rughani Brothers have the Distinction of producing the finest Suiting in the world using the finest quality fiber dyed yarn our Suiting fabric compresses of a wide range of Design in Stripes, Checks and Dobbies in various weaves like Tropicals, Twills, Gaberdines, Herring Bones, Birds-eye, Satin, Filafil ect in an even wider range of colors.

We provide Designing services with Design Handlooms Blanket Sample and CAD services for pre-production approvals.

Our Blends:-

Polyester Viscose    65/35
T/R              80/20
Polyester Wool    55/45
Polyester Wool    70/30
All Wool        100%
Polyester Cotton    65/35
All Cotton        100%

Our Finishes
Regular (Decatised, Conti pressed, K.D. Bella Shrunk)
W/R (Jet Scoured Wrinkle Free)
Teflon TR
Dust Repellent.

Our Suiting Products
T/R Suiting, Fancy Suiting, Wool Suiting, P/V Suiting, Stripe Suiting, Checks Suiting.